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Gender Egalitarian Studies

"Guardian Mothers"
(in terra cotta clay)
Artist: Amejo Amyot



1. Akademie Hagia (Heide Gottner-Abendroth):

Based in Germany, the International Academy for Modern Matriarchal Studies and Matriarchal Spirituality (HAGIA) was founded in 1986. It is dedicated to the exploration of the long history of matriarchal societies and cultures.

Heide Goettner-Abendroth (http://www.goettner-abendroth.de) has been working lifelong in the field of matriarchy and is the most well-known matriarchy scholar in the world. She has developed a coherent theoretical basis that combines the different aspects of matriarchy research, convincingly presenting it as a new socio-cultural science. In this way she has become the much-loved and respected founding mother of Modern Matriarchal Studies.



2. Genevieve Vaughan and International Feminists for a Gift Economy:

Shifting the Paradigm to a Woman Based Gift Economy.



3. Suppressed Histories (Max Dashu):

Global-spectrum articles on women's history, power, oppression, and heritages. Max Dashu has created a series of visual talks drawing on her collection of over 15,000 images.



4. Visionary Art (Max Dashu):

Paintings of goddesses, shamans, seers, and bold and spirited women. An exploration of lesser-known cultural traditions honoring female power.



5. Matriarchat:

A website dedicated to matriarchy, where old, young, female and male are not equal, but complement each other.



6. Partnership Studies (Riane Eisler):

Creating Partnership Futures: Partnership is a commitment to a way of living, it is a way of life based on harmony with nature, nonviolence, and gender, racial, and economic equity.



7. Network of Italian and international women's universities with some focus on Matriarchal Studies:



8. Makilam:

Makilam is a Kabyle, a historian and a PhD. She was raised in a village of the Djurdjura, (a region of northern Algeria ) until she was seventeen, and has since lived in Europe . She has always remained very close to her roots, and her testimony, interspersed with personal experiences, sheds completely new light on the rituals and myths of this vanishing society. She has written the following two books on Kabyle women (for more information, please visit her site):
1. The Magical Life of Berber Women in Kabylia
2. Symbols and Magic in the Arts of the Kabyle Women



9. World Congress on Matriarchal Studies:

The purpose of the World Congress is to initiate and encourage multi-cultural scientific exchange, networking, and collaboration between scholars occupied with non-ideological research on what can be described as matrilineal, matrifocal, and matriarchal societies.

1. The First World Congress of Matriarchal Studies:
Societies in Balance. Gender Equality, Consensus, Culture in Matrilineal, Matrifocal, Matriarchal Societies.
5 - 7 Sept 2003

2. The Second World Congress of Matriarchal Studies:
Societies of Peace. Past. Present. Future
29 Sept - 2 Oct 2005
San Marcos, Texas, USA


10. Peggy Reeves Sanday

Peggy Sanday is a leading feminist anthropologist with the University of Pennsylvania., She has published numerous articles and books on the ethnography of women, including her recently acclaimed book, Women at the Center: Life in a Modern Matriarchy, which provides a conceptual framework for rethinking matriarchy.



11. Sobonfu Some

Sobonfu is an author, teacher and one of the foremost voices in African spirituality. Sobonfu "travels the world on a healing mission, sharing the rich spiritual life and culture of her native land Burkina Faso... Her work has moved African spiritual practices from the realm of anthropology, to a place alongside the world's great spiritual tradition, with a message of profound significance and practical application in the lives of Westerners".



12. Ifi Amadiume

Ifi Amadiume is a professor, scholar, activist, and poet. She is a professor of religion at Dartmouth College, USA and "her research interests include African Goddesses and Matriarchy; Spirit Possession; Gender, Society and Culture; Women's Organizations; Social Movements; Religion, Culture and the State, Religion and literature; Human Rights and Social Justice; Gender ideology/ philosophy in indigenous Religions of Africa and the African diaspora; and Women in African Islam".



13. Marija Gimbutas, Belili Productions

Marija Gimbutas has been acclaimed as one of the most influential and controversial archaeologists in the twentieth century. She was dedicated to challenging traditional findings, particularly relating to the status and power of women at the dawn of civilization in Europe. "Through an understanding of what the Goddess was, we can better understand nature and we can build our ideologies so it will be easier for us to live."
-- Marija Gimbutas



14. Pretenders, Hymn to Her
Lyrics: please see Engender's poetry page
Music video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1n1xq_pretendershymn-to-her_music



15. Barbara Alice Mann

Barbara Alice Mann, an Ohio Bear Clan Seneca, is a Ph.D. scholar and Assistant Professor in the Honors College at the University of Toledo, in Toledo, Ohio, USA. She has authored nine books, the latest of which is The Tainted Gift (2009), on the deliberate spread of disease to Natives by settlers as a land-clearing tactic. She is currently working on an international project examining historical massacres around the world. Her internationally famous Iroquoian Women: The Gantowisas is in its third printing. Two other internationally known books include George Washington's War on Native America (2005, 2007), Daughters of Mother Earth (2006, as Make a Beautiful Way, 2008). Her "'Where Are Your Women?' Missing in Action" (2006) has been anthologised.



16. Academy PanSophia

Academy PanSophia has a twofold objective:
1. rediscovering the female side of God, the feminine values and women's contribution in ancient and contemporary cultures.
2. transferring knowledge, insights and skills that could contribute to the merging of feminine and masculine values into a new, integrated concept of man.
Hence, the subtitle reads: knowledge centre matriarchy and oneness consciousness.

"Guardian Mothers"
(in terra cotta clay)
Artist: Amejo Amyot




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There is no essential sexuality. Maleness and femaleness are something we are dressed in.

Naomi Wallace









Instead of this absurd division into sexes they ought to class people as static and dynamic.

Evelyn Waugh







For only to the magician the world is forever fluid. Infinitely and eternally new…only she knows truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, and it is from this universal tension that she draws her power.




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