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struck me open
like a sundried rock
gifting fountains of placenta
to soil bare as hardened homeless heels
then left me gyrating
a freshly jailed addict
with only branded air as opiate

let me lie by your feet
foetal embrace
for unpicked pea
in browned pod

take my heart
and breathe from tarred lungs
this once as your clear eyes
burn thru the madness of meditative healing

each in search of gurus
i whisper
kiss the cobra

let me touch your scarred breast
questionmarked head
fingertip from which the miracle of my awakening flows

all ions are atoms
charged with energy

i am jesus mary joseph
you are world star universe

in open-irised awe
i gaze in the mirror
of your humility
& see dark curls
your feminine face

as i love myself
i love you

2002, for william keepin, physicist & transpersonal healer

- Bernedette Muthien
(24 october 2002, for William Keepin, physicist & transpersonal healer



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