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i want to write
about love

love that slaps me
in my tracks
a derailed train
without passengers
or other superfluous

love that flashes
miniscule silver stars
just before i bleed
like a slaughtered cadaver
fairy dust
in earth’s abattoir
like a full moon
too far gone

love between aunt
and niece
mother and
adopted child
and ordinary 

the love of neighbours
thru post-op care
breast cervix
slashed & slithered fantasies 

so different
to the ways i know some want
platters pain
to mimic the torture
in eyes empty
as politician’s lies

not what i imagined
the fictions of lifetimes
of hatred 

which i erase
rubber on charcoal
as nanoseconds to aeons

there’s more to lightyears
and enlightenment
like love

can you feel it –
                        light -

 - Bernedette Muthien (27 .03. 09)


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