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Engender leads numerous diverse and groundbreaking projects including:


Workshops: Violence Stops with Me

Engender's one-day workshop for service providers and community leaders provides both the understanding of violence and victimhood, and practical tools and perspective that can help individuals break the pattern of violence and/or victimhood in their own lives. It has been deliberately designed to achieve the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time to benefit those who are working with limited time and resources. Read More.

Workshops: Intersections of Gender, Violence, HIV & Poverty

Engender has worked on the intersections of gender, gender violence, HIV/AIDs & poverty since 2001 (see publication). We provide various workshops, ranging from one-day to three days, including strategic planning and mainstreaming, for various levels of government, NGOs, donors, and various other service providers.

The goal of these workshops is to introduce participants from one particular sector, e.g. HIV/AIDS or gender or poverty, to the intersections between all these disciplines, and how these issues intersect, as well as integrate the intersections into strategic interventions.

Workshops have been facilitated for various participants including the following:

  1. Pan-Asian workshop (co-facilitation), convened by Harvard University’s School of Public Health, in Bangkok
  2. University of Cape Town: School of Actuarial Sciences
  3. Democratic Nurses of South Africa (DENOSA)

Photographer: Biljana Rakocevic,
Women in Black.

Workshops: Take Back our Bodies for our Own Pleasure

Due to demand, Engender has added an additional/optional one day workshop to help participants internalise and build on the experiences from the Violence Stops with Me workshops. These participatory workshops are for urban and rural service providers and community leaders where they can safely and openly discuss their bodies, especially their genitals, menstruation and sexual pleasure.

The goal of these workshops is to empower women to appreciate themselves, their bodies and bodily functions. The workshops include creative visual mapping exercises and participants develop an understanding of their bodies beyond religion. Only when we begin to respect and appreciate ourselves, can we begin to boundary violence and demand respect and dignity in our private and public lives.

Read more about:
1. Sexual and reproductive health and rights for humans (presentation slides created by Engender's Bernedette Muthien)
2. The mist of misogyny (article by Rita J. Andrews)

Reclaiming Indigenous Women’s Power in Southern Africa: the KhoeSan

In Southern Africa the KhoeSan face enormous health and social challenges, including excessively high rates of gender violence. Decision making and leadership structures are often male dominated and have failed to contribute to development in general, and to improve the structural conditions of children and women specifically.

Working in close consultation with local KhoeSan communities, this initiative embarks on strategic interventions to develop female participation and leadership through capacity building and empowerment which is built on indigenous knowledge systems. This project also documents the contribution of women to the collective narrative history of the KhoeSan to effect meaningful policy and structural changes. Read more.

community garden

Community & Backyard Gardens

In South Africa the democratic appropriation of space is influenced by the structural inequalities of gender relations. This unfortunately entails, still, a preference for 'masculine' patterns of living and understandings of social roles. Community and backyard gardens constitute an exception to the extent that they are a public space structured by women, for the benefit of women, their families and communities.

Engender is working hard on the establishment of community gardens, for and by women. Community gardens already exist in the peri-urban Atlantis, as well as in the informal settlements of Village Heights and St Montagu Village, in cooperation with our local women community leaders. Our existing backyard gardens are rapidly increasing as more and more women request support for establishing their own backyard and community gardens.

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[The workshop] made me realize who I am, what I am capable of doing or what I can do… It should be done at schools or anywhere that people meet most of the time.

Workshop Participant



The facilitator based everything on daily experiences. The books she referred to were very interesting and empowering. Most of the topics were very relevant and I feel empowered.

Workshop Participant


I liked everything about the workshop. I actually learned a lot about being a woman and the role we play in life.

Workshop Participant who was initially resistant to the transformative intentions of the workshop


We could speak our minds

Workshop Participant



Excellent...The facilitator respected every person's view and disseminated some good information

Workshop Participant




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