123456 Research and capacity building for communities of people on genders and sexualities, human rights, justice & peace.  
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Our Beliefs

Patterns of abuse, conflict, and repression are based on inaccurate social messages that some people are better than others, in any way. Changing these patterns requires everyone to examine and recognise how they even unconsciously buy into these BOXED ideas and how these values harm others and themselves. Breaking hurtful ways of being requires learning how to think and behave differently, based on respect for oneself and for all other people.

Our Focus

Engender is focused on changing patterns of violence (including gender-based violence) and inequality in South African society and the necessary transformation from victimhood to agency. We are doing this through a combination of research into the root causes of these patterns, participating in international conferences and forums relating to these issues, and conducting local workshops that give individuals and service providers practical perspectives and tools that can used to break past patterns and forge new relationships based on equality and respect. Because patterns of conflict and abuse are inter-connected and interdependent, our work helps people and communities to change rigid ideas into cooperative behaviours in a wide range of areas, including:

What we do

Engender specialises in research, producing publications, needs assessments and situation analyses, facilitation, and programmes designed specifically for unique organisations and contexts. We choose to work collaboratively and in partnership, in the spirit of feminism, with our hearts and feet firmly located in our continent, Africa. We work creatively and always intend mutual inspiration to derive from all our projects.

OVA - The poetry of Bernedette Muthien (2012)

ova poetry book

Welcome to this new collection by Bernedette Muthien, whose community activism over the years has addressed human rights issues in the realm of gender and sexuality, justice and peace. Here she continues the struggle, using the medium of poetry that strives bravely and unforgivingly to translate grief and loss and violence into the rhythms of love and hope and freedom.

Available for sale from Engender or at selected bookstores for R160.
Please contact us for more information.



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