123456 Research and capacity building for communities of people on genders and sexualities, human rights, justice & peace.  
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Engender works in collaboration with communities -- rural and urban, women and men, various levels of government and international institutions -- by providing the following services at their own request:

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1. Training Programmes and Workshops

We design and facilitate training programmes that enable individuals and communities to take charge of their own lives, while respecting and cooperating with others who may be of different gender, race, sexuality or social position. We offer consciousness-raising workshops that transform victimhood and violence into agency and power, hatred into compassion and fear into united action.

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2. Research and Publications

Our research is always participatory and collaborative, designed to empower participants throughout the research process, from design of project to sharing of final results. Our research publications are for diverse audiences and designed to be creative, accessible and stimulating.

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3. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We offer monitoring and evaluation of projects, especially through the use of participatory focus groups with the aim of mutual skills sharing and capacity building.

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4. Strategic Planning

We facilitate and actively participate in various local, provincial, national and international strategic planning sessions with a specialty in gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.

5. Other services

We provide any other related services that are visionary and inspiring. Please contact us with any ideas!




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We always need support and affirmations in this difficult struggle of ours. [ Engender ] continues to inspire me with the amazing work which you do.

Lesley Ann Foster, Masimanyane Women's Support Centre, South Africa


It is encouraging and inspiring to see your work and I'm sure that many women are encouraged to work for peace by you.

Dr Kazuyo Yamane, Kochi University, Japan



Your website is fantastic. I have printed your article on gender based violence and HIV/AIDS for my students.

Ravai Marindo, PhD, University of Cape Town, South Africa



What encouraging objectives! What encouraging women and men working in the context of your NGO " Engender "! I am fascinated by … the important work you do, which I will always support as much as I can. … Engender can be ensured of my utmost respect and support!

Regine Mehl, Peace Research Information Unit, Germany



This is a great forum for issues that have so long been neglected and glossed over. As gay man and Priest, I am especially happy to see the integration of gender-related matters in a forum such as this. I am hoping that other like-minded clergy…will participate in this forum and work for greater understanding in matters that are often seen to be "hypo-normative". Well done!

Archbishop & Haaike Barnard, African Apostolic Orthodox Church



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